10 Interesting Facts on Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the significant mental health issues that commonly affect human beings. Different people have different reasons for anxiety. Sometimes too much rush; not being on time can be the reason for anxiety, sometimes a subject of study like meths can be the cause of anxiety, or sometimes just the question ‘what if’. We have discussed about the cause and cure of anxiety earlier.

* Anxiety means physical sickness beyond mental stress- anxiety causes physical ailments beyond stressful thoughts and brain storming. We know that amygdala is responsible for out flight response mechanism, but when the brain senses terror, real or imaginary, it generates stress hormones in the body- adrenaline and nor adrenaline, which can cause chest pain, headache, nausea and fatigue.

*  Anxiety can be genetic- anxiety can be inherited by a child from his parents with inheritance of α-endomannosidase gene which is responsible for stress and anxiety disorders.

Exercise reduces anxiety– a regular pattern of healthy exercise can keep you stress free. Physical activity keeps you more focused on bodily sensations, hence the provoking thoughts come and disappear easily.

*  Anxiety confuses the sense of smell- People with anxiety show a greater tendency to label neutral smells as bad smells. Typically, when processing smells it’s only the olfactory (smelling) system that gets activated. When a person becomes anxious the emotional system becomes intertwined with the olfactory processing system.

*  Exposure to anti-depressants during pregnancy can affect adult anxiety- if a mother is treated with anti-depressants during pregnancy, the child, after growing up can be automatically more resilient to anxiety.

*  Anxiety becomes the most common form of mental health problem in the United States. It’s estimated that approximately 10 percent of teenagers and 50 percent of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder of some kind.

The number crosses depression rates.

*  Statistically, women are more commonly afflicted by anxiety disorders than men.

*  If you are with social anxiety, people will actually think you are fabulous- often people with social anxiety feel they are less confident but research has found that because of over thinking and over sensitivity, when they speak, the words are well constructed and meaningful, which leave a deeper impression on others.

*  Anxiety is closely related to- Obsessive compulsive disorder is a kind of anxiety, where we behave like maniacs with the worry to ensure that a particular thing has been done.

For to check that lights in the house have been switched off, we constantly go back to the same rooms and look on the switch board, sometimes, even on it and off it again to ensure. This kind of reaction is also panic mechanism.

*  A healthy diet can reduce anxiety-Psychiatry found that people having a diet of fruits, vegetable, fish and meat tend to be less anxious that those influenced by western diet of fried food, burgers, pizza.

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