Choose the craziest man in the picture and we’ll tell you something about you

Choose the craziest man in the picture and we’ll tell you something about you


Our choices define us as a person, no matter how seemingly they seem insignificant.  That’s how the unconscious part of the mind works. Well, let’s check how you work: What do you think which man is crazy?


The man under number 1

You are a born leader and with a safe extra structure. Others around you are convinced that they can rely on you, even though you have a reputation for a stubborn personality. You are often quick to make decisions. Try thinking more about your ideas before you start to realize them.

The man under number 2

“Measure twice, cut once” – this is the old saying that you always keep. You are wise and emotionally stable, but sometimes you know the blame and responsibility to convey to others. By nature you are good, so others can be tempted to exploit you.

The man under number 3

You want to dream and fantasize, and your dreams are brave, sometimes too brave. However, somehow you manage to turn them into reality. People usually do not understand what your views are and feel you are too strange.

The man under number 4 

You are a strong, brave and principled person who has an opinion about everything and everything and is not afraid to express it. Almost always you know to be “against the system,” so it can bring you with some problem. Be careful not to hurt anyone just to show that you are right.


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