This Is How To Relieve Stress, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What triggers your stress response? Whether it stems from work issues, relationship problems, or personal health, most people have experienced stress.  And the specific triggers of stress vary for each Zodiac sign, as do how each sign best handles that stress. Some need to hit the gym or write poetry, while others would do well to courageously confront a conflict head-on.handle stress

Learn how to handle stress by employing the techniques associated with your Zodiac sign:

  1. ARIES, MARCH 21 – APRIL 19

Slow down!

Rams are known for loading up their schedules past the point of exhaustion. They burn the candle at both ends, and the results can be explosive. Aries need to take life at a slower pace now and then. Even though they want to charge ahead and be there for everyone, they can’t take care of them if you don’t take care of themselves first.

Rams need to take time out to get in some rejuvenating cardio, go for a long, reflective walk, or simply do nothing.

  1. TAURUS, APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Ease up!

The Taurus is known for having a strong work ethic. Although proficient at what they do, they tend to fixate on mundane details and take failure extremely hard. Rather than viewing failure as an opportunity to grow, they view it as incompetence on their part. A Taurus also walks on eggshells around others, fearful of their reactions.

This Zodiac sign can relieve stress by going easier on themselves, and not fixating on every little thing. They also need to remember that they have no control over how other people will react to their words—they can only control their own reactions.

  1. GEMINI, MAY 21 – JUNE 20

Talk it out!

Stress takes a nasty toll on an isolated Gemini, because having no one to talk to about their struggles makes them scared and overwhelmed. Geminis thrive on information, but will turn into a textbook over-thinker if they don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. They need a way to combat their racing minds.

To handle stress, Geminis need to connect with others and unload their troubled minds through honest and deep conversation.

  1. CANCER, JUNE 21 – JULY 22


Cancer signs retreat into their hard shell instead of telling others how they’re feeling. They eventually burst, then rely on others to nurse their feelings and make them feel safe.

This Zodiac sign needs to take charge of their own emotions. Deep meditation can help them find the security they are looking for. It would also be beneficial for this sign to take a break from their emotions by focusing their energy on helping others.

  1. LEO, JULY 23 – AUGUST 22

Let Go!

Leos need to be the ringleader. They can’t stand not being in control, whether it’s a work assignment, a business deal, or anything else that involves leadership. They love the spotlight, but the stress of trying to control everything can end in disaster.

Leos need to learn how to stand on the sidelines now and then. They love attention from others, but as they can’t control the influx of compliments, Leos need to learn how to thrive on their own self-praise.



The Virgo sign is programmed to make the world a better place. When this task gets overwhelming, as it often can, the Virgo gets stressed out.

A Virgo needs to feel like they are being productive. As such, when they are in a productive-rut, they should opt for a project they can complete, such as housework. This will offer the satisfaction of achievement the Virgo yearns for.


Address conflict!

Libras, as the sign of balance, get restless when a conflict is left unresolved. Stress hits them big time when people treat them unfairly. Because they hate confrontation, they spend hours deciding what to say to someone who’s hurt them. More often than not they lean towards not bringing it up at all.

This Zodiac sign needs to trust that their peaceful nature enables them to handle conflict well. It might be uncomfortable, but things will be entirely worse for them if they let the unresolved issue continue to weight them down.


Get Creative!

The Scorpio is highly resistant to stress, but being the Zodiac empath makes them a sponge for toxic energies and negative vibes from others. It can be easy to get lost in the emotional shuffle.

This sign needs to take time to recharge by employing creative activity. Whether it’s writing poetry, keeping a dream diary or painting, creativity will help the Scorpio to find themselves again.



If a Sagittarius becomes immobile, the stress piles up quickly. They don’t like being fenced in and loath taking orders from others. They are impulsive, free-spirited and hate expectations placed on them to act a certain way.

Those born under the sun sign of Sagittarius must burn off their nervous energy by getting plenty of exercise. Doing so outdoors will help them to not feel so constrained by society.


Set goals!

Goat Capricorn is always climbing the proverbial ladder. When the path gets complicated, and they are unsure of where to go, it can cause stress. – handle stress

This sign will best handle stress by making plans and setting goals. Writing down a detailed plan for the next day, month, and coming years will help soothes the Capricorn’s diligent and ambitious spirit.


Ditch the pride!

Aquarius signs, although witty, inventive, and adventurous people, can also be a bit detached emotionally. They often let their stubbornness get in the way of listening to other’s opinions. They hate having to admit when they are wrong.

The Aquarius needs to remember that life doesn’t always go their way. They need to let it unfold as it should. This will tone down their stress level a considerable amount.



Pisces signs don’t like the spotlight. They are secretive people, and feeling exposed is a major stress trigger. Preferring quiet atmospheres, the Pisces will shy away from boisterous people and large crowds. They can even fall ill due to negative energy from others invading their space.

The Pisces needs to allow themselves time to nurse the “people hangover”. This will help them shield themselves from exposure to negative vibes.


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