How Horses Can Help With Depression

People who have been around horses before would agree that these amazing creatures can help ease depression and anxiety. Just the simple act of talking, petting or being around a horse can take your mind off your problems and forget about your pains for a while, even when there is no riding involved.

Through equine-assisted therapy, more and more people are discovering the healing power of horses. In fact, a growing number of therapists from different parts of the world are bringing humans and horses together to address a wide assortment of mental health issues; depression, being one of them.

How horses help?

Equine therapy is an alternative therapy where therapists use horses to help people who are dealing with depression or other mental health problems.

In a usual equine therapy session, patients are asked to care for a horse – feed them, groom them and walk them. Sometimes, participants are also asked to take part in horse activities, which are often done with a group of people and horses.

Horses are very intuitive animals. They are also known for mirroring a person’s moods or emotions. If you are feeling blue, the horse will most likely be in the same mood as you. If you want to relieve the horse from his mood, then you might want to cheer up a little.

Also, while working with horses, you are given the chance to learn a thing or two about yourself. In fact, you may even have a good understanding about how you react around others.

Through this program, you may realize that working with a creature so large will give you confidence. Caring for a horse and providing for all his needs can give you a sense of fulfillment and purpose that depression has taken from you. If you can command an animal of such power, then you won’t have a problem dealing with the problems and trials that come your way.

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