Interesting Ways To Help Treat Anxiety

  1. Make sure to get plenty of rest

When stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest.

  1. Take frequent walks

I always tell my friends, personally, as someone with a psychology minor, that going out for walks is one of the best possible ways to deal with stress. Walks are used as a DBT technique for treating anxiety and is considered very therapeutic. I usually tell my friends when they are experiencing those racing thoughts to go outside and count backwards from 100 (it will give your mind something else to think about rather then the anxious feelings you are having).

  1. Mindful Eating

Think about how the food tastes, feels, and describe it in full detail while you eat it. Be mindful and only think about that food. Block out all other thoughts you may have about what is stressing you out.

  1. Visit the counseling center as needed

On campus, we offer a counseling center for all students who need it. It is always good to visit the counseling center when feeling any kinds of anxiety during test taking season.

  1. Call a Friend

Friends can be great supports during exams. Although your mind may be telling you to constantly be studying, sometimes its just healthy to take a break. Call a friend and hang out with them in person. The chances of them needing a break during finals season are very high.

  1. Get a tutor

Tutors can be really helpful and can take that load off your shoulders when it comes time to cram for those exams. Departments sometimes have individual tutors who can help you with this. Tutors can help you develop better studying habits ,and can help you memorize long bits of information.

  1. Try a calming activity

Things like smelling candles, taking a bubble bath, catching up on Netflix, reading a book, or even playing a video game can be very relaxing. The more relaxed you are, the easier it becomes to battle stress and anxiety. Adult coloring books are now available in stores and they have been proven to help with anxiety and other disorders.


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