Kill anxiety within minutes with these simple yet effective tricks

The sudden feeling of fear, nervousness, and an unexplained unease with or without a reason is often categorised as anxiety. Apart from medical help, there are many tricks and tips to ease anxiety attacks in minutes. If you too are suffering from anxiety attacks, you can try these effective tricks to kill anxiety.

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Accept it

First of all, do not deny that you are anxious about something. Accept the fact that there is something bothering you, do not fight it. Fighting or resisting will only make it worst.  Just sit and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that it will pass and things will change.


Distract yourself

Although it is quite a difficult task to get out of anxiety attacks but still if one successfully manages, the anxiety can ease down in minutes. If you are experiencing an anxiety attack, try walking out of that place or situation that you think has contributed to the anxiety attack. Just start watching some funny videos, take a walk, do anything that usually calms you down. Watching something funny or something that can keep you hooked is usually the best method.


Vent out

Venting out is the best technique to calm down. An outlet always helps. If you suppress your anxiety, it will only grow. Suppose you are at work and suddenly you are anxious, you cannot vent out at anyone in that situation. Call someone up, someone closer to you and vent out to them. Sometimes crying and talking are two best modes of venting out.



It is another effective way to calm down. Go to the nearest salon; get a head and body massage, manicure/pedicure. Just close your eyes and relax. Nothing works better than a self-care regimen.

Have a weak memory? You might be suffering from PTSD

Sometimes the traumatic events pass but leave a hidden scar, which is often recognised as PTSD, Post traumatic stress disorder. Child abuse, rape, a car accident, witnessing a crime can be counted amongst some traumatic events that can leave someone with post-traumatic stress disorder. How would you know if someone around you is suffering from it because it does not have any such tell-tell sign? Here are some signs and symptoms that someone is suffering from PTSD.

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Weak memory

Although a weak memory can be a sign of many other health and mental disorders but when someone is suffering PTSD, they would forget something very recent. For e.g. if you have just given them your number or have told them something, they would forget it immediately.


Issues in concentration

People with PTSD will find it very difficult to concentrate or pay attention to anything. They will keep getting distracted. For e.g. If they are attending a lecture or are studying, they will find it very tough to pay attention to the entire lecture, they will keep getting distracted by the rotating ceiling fan, some noise, a fly on the wall or anything very miniscule.


They cannot fall asleep in unfamiliar surrounding

Even if they are a sound sleeper usually, they will find it very difficult to fall sleep in an unknown place and sometimes they try not to fall asleep because the events haunt them. The fear of nightmares keeps them up. Sometimes this one sign is mistaken for insomnia and other sleep related problems. It requires a proper psychological help.


Negative thoughts

People who are suffering from PTSD go a bit weaker emotionally. And usually they lash out or don’t have very good terms with the person, resembling the person causing them the trauma. It might seem like they are just going through a mood swing and have no particular reason of being so furious.

Fun Things to Do for Stress Management

Stress is one of the most common problems these days and unfortunately we often fail to handle it properly.You can easily manage you stress with some simple fun things.

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Stress is one of the most common problems these days and unfortunately we often fail to handle it properly. Stress management is not only an easy task to do; it can be full of fun as well. You can easily manage you stress with some simple fun things.


Enjoy your Break

One of the common reasons behind stress is the monotonous and busy schedules. Certain things from our daily routine may cause or increase the stress. Taking a break from your daily routine will allow you to avoid the stressful things and keep the stress levels low.



Your legs may feel stressed after a long because of the lymphatic fluid collected in the legs. This stress may even leave you irritated. Swimming keeps your body fit and relaxed, proving to be an easy way to manage your stress.


Sleep Well

Working late accompanied by sleepless nights often worsens the stress making it even more difficult to manage. Rest and ample sleep are very important for better stress management. One should get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.



Whenever we are anxious we tend to breathe shallow, which may leave you even more stressed. Try to take deep and controlled breaths to feel better. Once the breathing gets back to normal, you will feel your stress level to lower gradually.



Beating stress can be as fun as enjoying some soothing and slow music in your otherwise silent room and focusing on your breathing. Medication is another fun way to manage the stress. In a study done at West Virginia University, researchers found that participants who meditated for around three months experienced a 44 percent reduction in stress during that period.


Enjoy your favorite drink

Another easy way to beat your stress is to cut on your cups of coffee and go for that healthy drink that you like the most. Caffeine increases adrenaline in the body, thus prolonging the feeling of stress or even making it worse.


Share your problems

One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your stress is to share your problems with someone close to you. Sharing problems with family or friends can help you solve the problems easily as well as beat the stress.



Sports can be very helpful for your fitness as well as your stress management. A couple of games of Tennis or a game of soccer daily will keep you active and fit, making you less prone for future stress as well.



Aromatherapy can be very helpful for your stress management as scents can have overwhelming effects on your stress levels. Taking regular massages in a room full of scents from lavender oil or one of your favorite incenses will help you lower your stress level.


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