News Report Pushes Prescription Medication For 3-Year-Olds With ‘Mental Health Disorders’

One of the country’s largest mainstream media news outlets has sunk to alarming new depths as it aired a report informing parents to take their children as young as 3-years-old to see a doctor to be diagnosed for depression. (scroll down to watch the report)

NBC is at the center of controversy after publishing an article titled “Generation at risk: America’s youngest facing mental health crisis” which takes no time in fomenting fear.

The piece begins by telling the story of 11-year-old Alex Crotty who suffered from feelings of depression at an early age:

  1. “Alex Crotty was just 11 when things started feeling wrong.

“It wasn’t just a matter of being unhappy. She always felt empty and miserable — never content or connected to other children. For years, she suffered alone, filled with shame. She switched schools, but that didn’t help.”

Alex (now aged 16-years-old, pictured above) then told NBC “I didn’t feel unloved. I just felt numb to the world. Like, I was surrounded by great things, but just I couldn’t be happy. And I didn’t know why that was”.

Her mother Heather Olson then said, “A hug and kisses was the only thing that came to mind at the spur of the moment, but that was precisely what she needed to start the journey forward”.

Alex has been diagnosed by doctors with “major depression and anxiety” and is now taking medication—something that is sadly becoming extremely common among children and teens today.

  1. NBC continues:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1 in 5 American children ages 3 through 17 — about 15 million — have a diagnosable mental, emotional or behavioral disorder in a given year.

“Only 20 percent of these children are ever diagnosed and receive treatment; 80 percent — about 12 million — aren’t receiving treatment.

“Recent research indicates that serious depression is worsening in teens, especially girls, and the suicide rate among girls reached a 40-year high in 2015, according to a CDC report released in August.”

Essentially, NBC appears to be normalizing the idea that children as young as 3 years-old suffer from mental-illnesses—such as depression—and need “treatment” to function in life.

  1. According to The Free Thought Project:

“The article goes on to claim that the children simply need to be diagnosed in order to be treated, prompting readers with troubled children to consider taking their babies to psychiatrists or medical doctors.

“The only problem with their statistics is they come from an organization beholden to special interests, the Center for Disease Control.

“…CDC is rife with controversy and motivated by Big Pharma’s demand for increased profits.”

With the use of prescription medication rapidly growing in America and around the modern world among adults, hearing these stories of very young children becoming dependent on drugs should be very concerning.

As founding president of The Child Mind Institute, Dr. Harold Koplewicz explains:

“Child and adolescent mental health disorders are the most common illnesses that children will experience under the age of 18. It’s pretty amazing, because the number’s so large that I think it’s hard to wrap our heads around it.”

Rather than prescribing hard medication to kids so quickly, parents and doctors should look to why their children feel depressed or anxious in the first place.

Prescription pills should be used as a last resort as opposed to a first choice—especially for children.


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