Psycho-test: 8 questions that penetrate into the depths of your personality

Psycho-test: 8 questions that penetrate into the depths of your personality

The power of the mind is really incredible – many people often manage to convince themselves and others around them that something is true

But if you want to discover more about yourself and get an objective assessment of your fears, you can make an interesting test. This test was made by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. It consists of several questions that you need to answer. Take a notebook with you and enter the answers in the same.

  1. You see in the sea. What is your first feeling? You can close your eyes.
  2. Walk in the forest and see under your feet. What do you feel? Do not answer for more than 30 seconds.
  3. You see a flight of seagulls. What do you feel?
  4. You are seeing a herd of horses. Without thinking for a long time, write down what you feel.
  5. In the desert you see a wall with a small hole, behind which is an oasis. In this case, the works are important, not the emotions. Write what you will do.
  6. Again desert. You are tired of the long road. You see a bowl of water. What will you do?
  7.  You are lost in the forest. It’s getting dark. You see a house with a bright window. What will you do?
  8.   You’re in fog. How do you feel? What will you do?

Each question relates to a particular segment of your life. Your answer shows what kind of things you are in the various life fields.

Here’s what your answers say:

1. Your relationship to life and emotions.

2. How do you feel in your family?

3. Your attitude towards women.

4. Your attitude towards men.

5. Your basic life strategy and goals. How to solve problems.

6. Choosing a partner.

7. Your willingness to marry.

8. Your relationship to death.


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