This is my story of how I started life with anxiety and began to win

  1. This is my story of how I started life with anxiety and began to win

One winter day January 9 January I was visiting with a friend who has a house with an elevator. Two-storey house has a height of 4.5 m. I entered the elevator to get off on the first floor when the elevator spun and fell to the ground came the ambulance and was diagnosed with two broken legs and vertebra of the spine. ( my story)

Thus I left to lie in bed for 3 months. After 3 months I started to walk with crutches. Then it began to develop symptoms of anxiety.

I was no longer the same person I started getting panic attacks, headaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, fear of death, etc

My life was terrible I could not hang out did not go out because they are afraid to fall.

I started attending psychiatrist and like any doctor started giving me antidepressants, but I was the same, the drugs do not help.

I started reading books on anxiety and natural remedies. It helped me natural remedies and read prayers every night helped me to get back to the old beautiful life.

I started to step out to hang out with my friends. I started to go by car are not afraid. I continued with faculty could go to the exam.

My self I have finished two colleges,

I live  with my mom and I have a sister , she lives in USA.

I was motivated to make this site by the evil Anxiety which affects 99% of young population including my self, I struggle with Anxiety few years already. I tried so many unnatural medication and nothing was working. I found help in natural products and I want to share though this web site. Lets all fight together against this named sickness which affects our body’s and minds. Lets all find our natural medication , lets look trough this site and find our help.



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