Supplements to Help Stop Brain Fog

Certain supplements can help clear up brain fog and get the wheels in motion when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. That being said, there’s no substitute for a healthy diet, regular rest, exercise, and a fun and connected lifestyle. The bottom line is that if your brain’s major hormones are off, all the supplements, self-help books and even therapy likely won’t make you feel better. So first, tackle the lifestyle changes mentioned above that apply most to you, then consider adding in certain supplements to further speed up the healing process.


  • Adaptogens like holy basil, maca and ashwagandha − Adaptogen herbs help lower cortisol and give your body support against dealing with fatigue and stress.
  • Omega-3 fish oils — Effective at helping lower inflammation, omega-3s balance the ratio of fatty acids in your diet and support brain health.
  • B vitamins — Deficiencies in various B vitamins can leave you feeling sluggish and moody. B vitamins help convert nutrients from the foods you eat into usable fuel for the body, so taking a B complex supplement can make sure you’re in the optimal range.

Also keep in mind that certain medications can lead to brain fog, including antidepressants, stimulants, sleep aids, antipsychotics and even blood pressure medications. There’s speculation that many medications increase brain inflammation and impair hormone function. If you regularly take any prescriptions and have noticed changes in your mood and energy, talk to your doctor about what you can do to minimize brain fog symptoms.



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