Tips to Become More Physically Active

Tips to Become More Physically Active

Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

Begin slowly and work toward a goal of 30-90 minutes of moderate intensity activity most days of the week.

Find activities you enjoy and spread physical activity throughout the day.

Reward yourself for reaching your goals. Some examples are:
• Buy yourself new sports equipment
•Ask your spouse to take the kids for an hour
•Visit a friend
•Spend more time on your favorite hobby
•Buy yourself some flowers or a plant
•Enjoy a long hot bath

If the weather is bad, have a backup plan. For example, take a walk in the local shopping mall.
Wear comfortable and supportive shoes for walking. Leave your sneakers near the door to remind yourself to walk.
Exercise before work. OR Bring a change of clothes to work and head straight for exercise on the way home.
Schedule exercise on your calendar.

Try to develop the habit of integrating more activity into your daily routine.
•Take the stairs instead of the elevator
•Park farther away from work or the store
•Walk instead of driving to work or the store
•Take one item up or down the stairs at a time instead of everything in one trip

Vary your activity to avoid boredom.
Listen to music while you exercise or exercise with a friend.
Use a pedometer to keep track of your steps.

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