Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Also a “Must” for Anxiety

Colloidal Minerals

Your body needs at least 60 minerals everyday for overall good health and longevity. And you aren’t going to get them all from your typical multi-vitamin and mineral tablet, or your diet. The most efficient way is with plant-based liquid colloidal mineral supplements. These supplements contain the full spectrum of minerals in a highly absorbable form. They’re also rich in magnesium, which has just recently been found in studies to help tremendously with anxiety problems. Check online or at your local health food store for the best brands.

In addition, you will need to take extra magnesium to combat your anxiety. In fact, magnesium is probably the most underrated and important mineral as far as stress and anxiety is concerned. For this, you can purchase a terrific supplement called Natural Calm. This amazing product has helped thousands of people to control their anxiety and stress levels without the need for any pharmaceuticals whatsoever. We must say, the feedback we’ve received about this formula has been nothing short of astounding. We really do recommend you look into this further. You can find it here if you’re interested (make sure you also take the time to scroll down and read some of the testimonials about this product as well).

Along with internal supplementation, another highly effective and safe way to get your required daily amount of magnesium is with a magnesium oil body spray. With this, you spray the oil on your body and the magnesium is absorbed straight through the pores of the skin – so absorption is extremely high. Here’s what it looks like… Magnesium Oil Spray

Wheat Grass and Barley Grass

These two amazing foods are excellent for anxiety and stress. They contain the full amount of essential vitamins and amino acids, along with many of the essential minerals and fatty acids. The B group vitamins, in particular, are very important for the nervous system and mood regulation. Wheat and barley grass are incredibly rich in these nutrients.

Once again, check with your local health food store or online to find the best brands. When you do, make sure they’re certified organic and grown in mineral rich soils. Remember also that wheat grass and barley grass (the young shoots of these plants) are not the same as the mature grains of these foods. Mature wheat, barley and rye grains must be excluded from your diet if you suffer from anxiety or depression  because of the gluten they contain. Wheat grass and barley grass not contain gluten.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains the essential fatty acids that are crucial for brain health. How can you expect to think properly or be right emotionally if your brain isn’t in tip top condition! So you must make sure you supplement with fish oil every day. This is not just one of our standard “must do’s” for brain health, it’s considered to be one of the standard treatments recommended by virtually all experts in the natural health field.


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