Like a told before I constantly fight with Anxiety , invisible enemy who tortures your mind and body and makes your life hard to deal with. Some places , things, actions can lead to Anxiety and Anxiety can lead to strong palpation, lack of breath , dizziness , chest pain and some times can come to Loss of Consciousness. Macedonia is nod a country with strong economy , people here struggle with no job , no enough money to spend on natural Anxiety medication, so all of the can lead to strong anxiety and even a depression. I would like trough this website to send a message to all people who can and are wiling to help to help this Anxiety generation to rich our for help and change their lives for better.

Please if you can and want to help donate to the address bellow , lets make more medications and books available for people who need help , Thank you in advance.

Donations in MKD:

Bank account No:210501642570113

Bank name: NLB Banka AD Skopje

Donations in PayPal